Anticlimactic and Disappointing Bosses

Every game deserves a brilliant villain, there is often more than one, and you know in the end you are going to meet your arch nemesis and defeat them in a blaze of glory that will be remembered for generations to come. So it is always a little disappointing when you reach the games climax and they put up no challenge whatsoever or it simply doesn’t fit in with what has gone before. You start to question what you have just spent hours of your life on to be greeted with this pushover. Here is a list of some of those bosses that, in the end, kind of weren’t worth the effort. As most of these are final boss battles there may be some tiny spoilers if you haven’t completed the games on this list.

Fallout 3 – Colonel Autumn

As the main antagonist and the guy who killed your father, the moment you face off against Colonel Autumn should have been a lot more momentous than it actually was. Firstly you have the option, if your speech skill is high enough, to talk to him and persuade him to go away. If you do end up in a gun fight with him, don’t panic because he goes down just like any other enemy, partly perhaps due to his massive lack of armour. It just seems like a bit of a waste to just be able to blow his head off as easy as the next guy without any real challenge.

Yu Yevon – Final Fantasy X

Throughout the game Yu Yevon is built up to be this evil entity, a destroyer of worlds, something to be truly terrified of. However, when it actually comes to defeating him in Final Fantasy X I wouldn’t be surprised if you went away feeling just a little disappointed. Firstly, all of the characters for some reason have permanent auto-life, meaning that when a party member falls they are resurrected. Secondly, Yu Yevon actually looks a like a combination between a tic and a face hugger from Alien. Not surprising then that a lot of Final Fantasy fans cite Braska’s Final Aeon as being the true final boss of the game.

Gywn, Lord of Cinder – Dark Souls

Dark Souls is known for its intense and difficult gameplay. Although some may find this battle difficult depending on their particular player level, this is more of a disappointment due to the repetitive moves needed to defeat Gwyn. Using a combination of parries and ripostes seems to do the trick and it feels like a bit of a copout considering all the combat options available. It is always a shame when a well loved game gives you a poor opponent.

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power – Final Boss

This game is short as it is and the final boss battle just makes it feel like a bit of a wasted adventure. Through the lovely art and interesting story you finally meet the boss at the end. However, unlike throughout the rest of the game you only need one of your party members to defeat it and there aren’t any cool puzzles or problems to solve. It is just a series of timed jumps and kicking weird glowing pumpkins at the bad guy. Bit of a letdown, especially as the game ends leaving you with a sense of having unfinished business.

Alice Madness Returns – No Hybrid

Like the Dark Souls entry, this is a disappointing part of the game. Throughout this return to Wonderland you are teased and tickled with the thought of facing a March Hare/Dormouse mechanical hybrid, but it never comes. Although there are many other creatures and crazy hallucinations to make your way through whilst playing, it is a bit of letdown when you never get to face this creature which is set up like it will be a boss battle at some point.

Dragon Age 2 – First Enchanter Orisno & Knight-Commander Meredith

I mean you have been waiting to get your hands on either of these guys, especially Meredith, ever since their names are mentioned. Firstly it would seem that whoever you side with, the Mages or Templars, you still have to fight both of these guys which surely defeats the point picking your favourite. Orisno uses blood magic to turn himself into some weird abomination, which is super easy to kill as you have your team of four, plus a couple of others to help back you up. Then there comes Meredith, the woman who has been going slowly insane due to a lyrium idol you helped find in the deep roads (damn it Hawke). She throws her best moves at you, including bringing some of the metal statues to life to try and stomp you, but again it is a repetitive and fairly easy battle. So after all that built up tension you dispose of the two forces with ease, then disappear leaving everyone else to clean up your mess.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Quiet

Although not a boss in the conventional sense, beating Quiet means that you are able to recruit her into your team and considering her credentials who wouldn’t want her on your side. The only downside is that bearing in mind those skills she has as an assassin, who would have thought that simply dropping a supply crate on her head would pretty much finish her off. Of course, you can sneak around and shoot her if you like, but we all know you will take the easy road. Also, it ultimately seems a bit boring compared to what a spectacle it could have been.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Morpha

So you have traversed your way through the trap filled Water Temple, worked through all the puzzles, and finally end up in a room with some suspicious looking water in it. Morpha emerges from the depths intent on drowning you in a place that has given you so much grief. However, there is a place in the room where if you stand, Morpha’s tentacle can’t reach you so you can use your longshot in your little safety spot and grab out its nucleus. Do this a few times and you win. We were only hoping that the boss at the end of all those puzzles would at least pose some sort of challenge.

Quicktime Events – Various Games

From General Shepard in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Didact in Halo 4 to Sauron in Shadow of Mordor and Vaas Montenegro in Far Cry 3, quick time events have been swooping in and stealing our victories in many a game. I see the appeal of them, they do after all make for dramatic cinematic endings to a rival or game, but are often misplaced, especially when deployed to make you defeat a final boss. Everything you have been doing in the game so far has led to this final confrontation, all the anticipation and build up means that by the time you finally get to gank the boss you want to get your teeth stuck in. Quick time events take this glorious moment away with one well timed button click. While the character madly slashes, stabs or shoots your nemesis and is ultimately victorious, you have just sat there pushing the correct combination of buttons with little to no use of any skills you have learnt up to this point. The most unsatisfying way to kill bosses, ever.


So there is a list of some disappointed and anticlimactic boss battles. Which bosses or game bad guys did you find to be a pushover? Let us know in the comments below.


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