10 Most Irritating Video Game Characters

Games have given us memorable characters that we will always have a place in their hearts due to their comedic values, edgy styles and personalities; from Super Mario to Snake. Characters and story lines are an integral part of the recipe when developing a prospective game. But, similar to life, you will always come across a character that will grate your cheese! With that in mind, let’s take … Continue reading 10 Most Irritating Video Game Characters


Most Stressful Moments In Gaming

Video games are meant to entertain us, but there are times when they can really stress us out. Whether it’s a singular moment that grates or just the game in general that can really raise your cortisol levels, sometimes it all gets a little too much. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some pretty stressful moments in gaming. These are in no particular … Continue reading Most Stressful Moments In Gaming

Angels of Death Review (Switch)

When Angels of Death first cropped up on the Switchs eShop I’ll admit I wasn’t particularly interested. I mean the character design and horror setting looked cool but I didn’t particularly think this RPG Maker title had much else going for it. That was until I was browsing the anime app FunimationNow which was advertising a new anime called Angels of Death. I thought surely … Continue reading Angels of Death Review (Switch)

Kamiko Review (Switch)

Kamiko first caught my eye because of its stunning pixel art-style and its fluid animation.  It’s a Japanese indie title that cropped up on the eShop early into the Switchs launch. The games developed by SKIPMORE – the same people responsible for the two short but sweet 3DS Fairune titles that gathered somewhat of a cult following. For just £4.49 how could I resist checking out this fast-paced … Continue reading Kamiko Review (Switch)

ACA Neo Geo: Waku Waku 7 Review (Switch)

When it comes to browsing digital shops I’m a real sucker for anything with anime graphics. I can’t help myself, I can’t help but be drawn to them particularly if it happens to be a fighter. So when a game matching both of these criteria cropped up in the Switch eShop, well how could I resist. It’s true the Nintendo Switch is unfortunately lacking in … Continue reading ACA Neo Geo: Waku Waku 7 Review (Switch)