Loot Boxes: Is the Tide Starting to Turn?

Cast your minds back, if you will, to roughly this time last year when Star Wars fans everywhere were starting to get excited about the release of Battlefront II. Now also remember, about the same time, when loot boxes were thrown into the spotlight and laid bare for the money-grabbing scheme they were. This wasn’t news: microtransactions and pay-to-win crates had come crashing into the … Continue reading Loot Boxes: Is the Tide Starting to Turn?


This is a Great Time to be a Gamer

If, like me, you always look forward to writing your Christmas list and filling it with all the games you’d like, then this year you won’t be short of titles to choose from. It seems that every time I go online I see another update about an imminent game release. The last few years have given us some gems: Horizon Zero Dawn; Legend of Zelda: … Continue reading This is a Great Time to be a Gamer

Anticlimactic and Disappointing Bosses

Every game deserves a brilliant villain, there is often more than one, and you know in the end you are going to meet your arch nemesis and defeat them in a blaze of glory that will be remembered for generations to come. So it is always a little disappointing when you reach the games climax and they put up no challenge whatsoever or it simply … Continue reading Anticlimactic and Disappointing Bosses